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Special car park: Kuhlache see street map

There’s plenty to see, do, taste and experience on the following streets in the old town: Schlossstrasse, Collegienstrasse, Mittelstrasse and Jüdenstrasse.

In the event of any medical emergencies, please go to the first-aid centre on Elbstrasse (see street map).

„Luther’s Wedding”: Terms and conditions

I. Organizer; conclusion of contract

  1. The organizer of the festival is Lutherstadt Wittenberg Marketing GmbH.
  2. By purchasing a Luther’s Wedding badge, a contractual relationship subject to the following terms and conditions will be established between the purchaser and the organizer.
  3. Festival areas can only be entered with a Luther’s Wedding badge.

II. Terms and conditions governing participation in events; organizer’s liability

  1. The organizer shall not be liable for any changes to the programme or the festival timetable.
  2. Wedding badges cannot be refunded in whole or in part.
  3. If the event is cancelled, admission fees will not be refunded unless cancellation is the fault of the organizer.
  4. No liability can be accepted for injury or damage caused by simple negligence. This also applies to representatives and agents.

III. Special arrangements for the pageant

  1. Visitors’ attention is drawn to the inevitable risks of any parade. Attendance is at your own risk.

The new image brochure of the city (browsable)
The new image brochure of the city (PDF)